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by Jolene Nel on Laerskool Suikerbos
Suikerbekkie, I salute you!

Good afternoon Laerskool Suikerbos PrimaryOn Thursday, 27 October 2016, I was honoured to experience another Suikerbekkie concert – Mamma Mia.I have to admit, throughout the concert I became very emotional for some reason and struggled to contain my tears. Later on I realized, it is because these innocent little bodies know nothing of the world’s cruelness and man’s unkind spirit while dancing on that stage. They get to relieve stress that is yet to come by simply dancing and acting and by being part of something. Their faces light up when they spot their support network cheering them on. Sometimes they get shy or as emotional as I did.  From a very young age, they learn about courage, about confidence, disappointment, about dancing through stress, about teamwork, about support, about being your best and if you make mistakes – that is okay, about listening, about humility, about trust, about showing up, about respect, about practising, about making someone and yourself proud by just being you and by just showing up.Suikerbekkie achieves a lot with these small children. They get them not only to do things considered above their skilled grade, but they get them to give a little something of themselves and thereby causing us adults to learn a few things all over again- especially about innocence.Well done on this phenomenal concert! The video beforehand of some of the other concerts was also a huge treat. The décor, the music, the dances, the “behind the scenes” stuff etc. all paid off.I’ve had the privilege to work on some concerts and the effort that goes into it is very familiar to me. It is effort unseen. You get one task to do behind or in front of the stage but end up multitasking a multitude of tasks all in a few seconds before, after and during each act. And yet you made it appear as though it was easy and simple.I appreciate all your effort that went into Mamma Mia. Not everyone has the skills and calmness with which you conducted this.Your children and teachers rock!Suikerbekkie, I salute you!

by Helen van Jaarsveld on Laerskool Suikerbos
Trots op die skool en die gehalte van die personeel

Geagte Hoof en Bestuursraad, Ek was bevooreg om as gas die onlangse produksie van Mamma Mia by te woon. Ek was verstom oor die professionele optrede en die hoogstaande gehalte van die konsert. As ouma van vele kleinkinders woon ek nogal gereeld soortgelyke konserte by en het onlangs selfs een in Johannesburg by n vooraanstaande skool bygewoon. Op n skaal uit tien gee ek die personeel en kleuters van Suikerbossie 15 uit tien. Wie sou kon glo dat mens soveel uit sulke kleuters kan kry? Die redigering , kostuums, dekor, musiek en afrigting was werklik uit die boeke. Ek glo u is voorwaar trots op die skool en die gehalte van die personeel.

by Willie Buitendag on Laerskool Suikerbos
Julle is voorwaar WENNERS!!!!!!

Môre Menere en personeel, Baie, baie geluk met ‘n puik prysuitdeling en ‘n pragtige aand. As ouers moet ons dankie sê aan almal wat by gisteraand betrokke was om dit so ‘n spesiale geleentheid vir ons leerders te maak. ‘n Groot dankie moet ook aan elke personeellid gaan vir sy / haar ongelooflike bydrae tot elke leerder se ontwikkeling en prestasie – sonder julle leiding, toewyding en entoesiasme sal dit nie moontlik wees om sulke wonderlike prestasies te behaal nie. Julle is voorwaar WENNERS!!!!!!

by Anita & Bryan Dukas on Laerskool Suikerbos
Thank you so much for everything you have done for Mikayla and Brandon

Dear Suikerbos/Suikerbekkie.We are moving to Australia during the month of August and would therefore unfortunately have to cancel our kids attendance at your school.First of all we would like to convey our gratitude to the all the teachers (Paula, Jeniffer and Chantelle) who played a role during our kids school career. They have made such a positive impact in our kids lives and we will always be grateful. The foundation they have laid for our kids education is without any doubt one of the best we could ever have asked for.It is with a heavy heart that we leave the school and we will always have very fond memories. Thank you so much for everything you have done for Mikayla and Brandon. We really appreciate it.Mikayla and Brandon will have their last school day on the 14th of August. We have also paid the month of August in full.Kindest regards,Bryan & Anita Dukas.

by Suikerbekkie Ouer on Laerskool Suikerbos
Brief vanaf Suikerbekkie ouer

Haar seuntjie is vanaf 8 Februarie 2016 by Suikerbekkie Kleuterskool ingeskryf. Hy was voorheen by Leeubekkie en Cinderella en Bratz. Suikerbekkie is die beste kleuterskool in die Vaaldriehoek. Dit is die eerste keer dat sy sulke toegewyde personeel sien en hier gaan dit absoluut oor die kind en sy sal help met al die projekte. Die personeel is vriendelik en sy kan enige tyd met hulle praat.